Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Skirts Galore!

Since we're right in between seasons I figured it's time to start taking some of those fabulous summer goodies and transition them into fall...SKIRTS!

You can pair a skirt with tights all fall season and well into winter, then bust it out again with bare legs when the summer heat rolls in ! You can most def get your money's worth!

Skirts can really be a girls best friend! I truly adore the high waisted skirt and showing of your curves! I've found some great skirts to do the trick, let's shop cheaply!

This Zipper Knit Back Skirt from Forever 21 is a major steal! Hello, $7.50 I can't even get lunch for that sometimes! It comes in black, red or navy and with the great back zipper detail, love it! Forever also has some other great skirts so be sure to check those out!

If you've already got the basic skirt and ready to step it up with something a little more fun, check out the Silence & Noise Pyramid Stud Skirt from Urban Outfitters, its got a great stud 'belt' look at the waist and the back is just fabulous, a full exposed zipper!

It's on sale for $29.99 from $68.00 and online only-fyi.

I have a feelin this will be selling out soon, it's in my shopping cart :)

If you find any of your own cheap deal, please share!

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