Thursday, October 1, 2009

Super Sale!

H&M is having their autumn sale, just started yesterday!
Items are starting at $5, some items are priced at up to 50% off.
My Sale Story:
I was heading to the subway last night after work and had seen a sweater that caught my eye in the window, so I of course head on into H&M and to my surprise the autumn sale had started! I quickly dive into the racks and what do I find...the same fabulous dress I had bought a month ago at full price and then decided $60 was too much for the LBD (little black dress) I returned it and went on my merry way...but there in the midst of all the sale merchandise is that same fabulous LBD with a much cheaper price tag of $20 - I quickly grabbed it and gave it a wonderful new home! I love the details at the waist and straps, its body hugging - which I love! This will be making a Saturday night debut soon!

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