Thursday, November 5, 2009

Work to Play

A fab friend of mine asked me if I had any suggestions of something she could wear to work and then out for after work drinks or a date. I've been on the search since her request and I have found something that will work!

This Strike a Pose dress is from Francesca's Collections and sells for $44, it's great with the ruffle detail and is a dress so its an easy transition from work to after work fun!
The base outfit: Strike a Pose dress & black tights
For Work: Add a black cardigan and flats or heels depending your style
For Play: Remove the cardigan and reveal some sexy shoulders and put on some heels with a pop of color and you can always accessorize with some bracelets, rings or earrings!
When the warm weather comes this dress will still work! It's a year round gem!

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