Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garden Collection by H&M

Today The Garden Collection has launched at all H&M stores that carry women's.
I headed to the store a little before 10am. I've been stalking the stores for this collection for the past week...this was something I seriously did not want to miss out on!
I waited with about a crowd of 15 around 9:45am by 9:54am the crowd had grown to about 30...I was right by the door waiting to get in and strategizing in my head where to go first. Everyone was after the red rose dress...myself included.
Doors open and people are running!!!!
Listen I was hardcore about this collection but I didn't feel the need to run.
I head for the red dresses first...grab size 4 and 6, turn around and head towards the same dress in white...No sizes!!!! My heart sinks, and then the friendliest H&M associate greets me and asks if I need anything... UM YES...she tells me they have more sizes in back and she will go get them for me. I almost jumped with joy, but had to keep my cool.
Next up on the hunt is the floral watercolor kimono dress...score! These are virtually untouched everyone was after the rose dress.
The friendly associate returns with my size and I can't believe it I got everything I wanted...
As I'm checking out I ask how many they have in stock and at 10:17am they have put everything on the floor and every person in the store has this dress in their arms.
The fashion gods were with me today...thank you!
Floral Watercolor Kimono Sleeve dress - $19.95
(a little sheer but that can be fixed!)

Rose Dress in White - $39.95
(I also bought in Red)
See the full collection here.


  1. I also bought the rose dress in white. I plan to wear it at my graduation, and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for accessories. I don't want it to be too floral because it might infringe on little girl territory on my small frame, so maybe something metallic?

  2. leather jacket black ballerinas cute girlie necklace

  3. Ooooh I love this white dress, I need it!!! :_(

  4. can i buy this dress from you!? please!!! THe white Garden Collection dress! I need it! :)

  5. Hi if you are planning to sell the red dress would you please let me know.

  6. I just did a post on a dress from Zara that is similar to the rose dress - check it out!

  7. i want floral dress, first picture. would u like to sell it? please write me on thank you ( whats the size?!) greets!