Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fab. Forever Finds

Its Fab. Forever finds time!
Today while browsing the new arrivals section I fell for this flamingo tank.
It reminds me of something a gaudy grandma in Florida would be wearing while watering the grass...well maybe not this exact tank but I'm sure I've seen some shorts with this pattern on a retired Florida resident somewhere before.
It's quirky and is the perfect top to throw on for a casual day shopping, brunching or even travelling...flamingos also hold a special place in my heart ever since my senior year in college, a guy friend decided it would be fun to take a flamingo lawn ornament and cut a hole in the body and a hole in the beak to drink out of. At that time it was the best idea I had ever heard of and everywhere we went the Flabongo would follow! Ahh the memories...you know where to find me after work en route to F21!

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