Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reader Request!

I had a reader request (so exciting!) to help find some jewelry to go with the fabulous white rose dress from H&M. The dress is a gorgeous recycled polyester but looks like its delicate chiffon. The top is ruched with a sweetheart neckline so I don't think the jewels should be the center of attention, they need to compliment and let the fabulous dress be the star!


If you want to be a little bold I think this big Pearl cluster necklace would be perfect.
Pearlescent Cluster Necklace - $14.80 Forever21

To keep it a bit more simple I suggest an initial necklace.
This one is from Macy's and was originally $100 but now on sale for $19.99 comes in gold or silver and has a small diamond accent.

If you don't want to go the necklace route I say bold earrings! These will compliment the dress and still make a statement.
Barze earrings - $25 from Aldo

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