Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sometimes you need to do something a little different to change up your look. For some its coloring your hair or buying a new outfit, but sometimes when you don't have that cash flow a quick fix is to change up your nails. There is a great product out there that doesn't require getting a manicure. The Nicole by OPI, Nic's Sticks are an amazing invention. I know it has been on the market for a little while but I just gave it a try and I'm a believer!
You simply pump the polish tube a few times, the color comes out into the brush and you're ready to paint. There's no dipping back into the bottle with wet nails to get your second coat. It's really easy to use, the color is great and it's perfect for travelling and doing touch ups on the go.
A friend of mine has been painting one of her nails a different color than the rest and it inspired me to give it a try. So I did a metallic silver polish on nine nails and did one finger 'Text Me' Pink from Nicole by OPI. It's a little pop of color! Next time you're at the drug store be sure to give it a try for around $7.00.
I've gotten some questions where the gunmetal grey polish is from and its actually a fab. forever find I found it in store so check one near you! Nail polish in grey - $2.80 love & beauty by Forever 21

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  1. What is the metallic silver polish? Its fantastic!