Monday, July 18, 2011

What I'm Lovin Lately...

What a lovely weekend I had. The weather was hot and summery, just like it should be in July. I did a little shopping, hung out with friends and completed a summer must do, s'mores!


Yes thats a wire hanger Im using... we'll just call that NYC style marshmellow roasting, ha!
Jumper - H&M

The delicious finished product. My summer is now complete.
Ring - H&M

Bought some cropped sequin pants at Zara on sale, $19.99! Just a little sneak peak, these won't be pulled out of my closet for a while.

The top of my dresser was getting out of control with all the jewels I've been collecting. The goods were piling up and I couldn't even see what I had (big problem). I found a solution by buying this velvet lined organizer at Daffys. The jewels and I are both happy.

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