Friday, August 19, 2011


I currently have a major obsession going on with glitter. Glitter nail polish, glitter makeup and glitter shoes. Pretty much, if it sparkles I'll love it. I've become borderline crazy for a pair of shoes, they aren't just any shoes my friends. They are the most amazing, magical pair of shoes I've ever seen! Now if only I had $900 to drop on them... I'm a size 9.5 if anyone wants to buy them for me :)

Glitter Ankle Boot by Miu Miu - $890.00 - Nordstrom

Since those are my lust shoes, I have to come back down to earth and figure out what I can swing with my Style Me Cheaply budget... behold, an equally fabulous pair of glitter kicks!

Gold Glitter Cirkus by Steve Madden - $169.95

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