Friday, February 7, 2014

Cooking in heels

Last night I felt like cooking up a storm. I hunted thru pages and pages on pinterest and found a couple of recipes that looked interesting, tasty and seemed pretty easy. I'm not the biggest fan of cooking chicken at home. It gets so boring and bland. I'm a girl who likes some flavor! I found the perfect recipe, you MUST try it!
 This herb and citrus oven roasted chicken is out of this world tasty. Full of flavor and pretty simple to make. I could have eaten this stuff for days!
It's no lie I love me some risotto. Mainly because is packed with cheese, and I LOVE cheese. Most of my risotto recipes remind me of summer, so I wanted to find something a little hearty (its -10 in Chicago) and bold enough that would work with my citrus chicken. This risotto recipe is made with red wine, I know! Crazy different. It's OH SO GOOD. I think I filled my plate 3 times. You will not regret giving this a try. Yum.
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